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Angled brush, 2 pcs

Angled brush, 2 pcs

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Introducing the NOLA Angled Brush 2-Pack – your essential tools for precision and ease in your lash & brow lift routine. Unleash the power of perfect application with these flat, user-friendly brushes designed to elevate your lash and brow game.


Flat and Easy to Use: The sleek design of our angled brushes ensures a smooth and straightforward application process. These brushes are perfect for achieving flawless results.
This 2-pack includes a small brush and a big brush, providing you with versatile options for different beauty applications. The small brush is ideal for the precise application of lash lift perming solutions and color on the lashes. Meanwhile, the big brush is perfect for sharp and defined application of color on the eyebrows.
Perfect for Lash Lifts and Brow Color: We recommend the small brush for applying lash lift perming solutions, ensuring a meticulous and even distribution. Additionally, use it for applying color to enhance and define your lashes. The big brush, with its angled precision, is your go-to tool for achieving sharp and defined eyebrow color application.

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