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Micro brushes

Micro brushes

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Introducing the NOLA Micro Brushes – your versatile solution for precision in lash and brow treatments. This pack of 100 micro brushes is a game-changer, featuring an extra-long tip for effortless application and removal of solutions and color. Easy to use and adaptable to various techniques, these micro brushes redefine precision in beauty.


Extra-Long Tips for Precision: The NOLA Micro Brushes boast an extra-long tip, providing unparalleled precision in applying and removing solutions and color from both lashes and brows. Enjoy enhanced control and accuracy, ensuring your beauty treatments are as seamless as they are effective.
Versatility at Its Best: These micro brushes are easy to use and incredibly versatile. From applying lash or brow solutions to intricate detailing and precision work, the NOLA Micro Brushes adapt effortlessly to various beauty applications.
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