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Lash wand

Lash wand

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Introducing the NOLA Eyelash Brushes 50-pack – where sustainability meets beauty in every stroke. Crafted with handles made from 100% real bamboo, these brushes are a testament to our commitment to environmental friendliness. Elevate your lash and brow care routine with tools designed for precision, versatility, and a touch of eco-conscious luxury.


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Handles: NOLA believes in beauty with a conscience. Our eyelash brushes feature handles made from 100% real bamboo, a renewable resource that reflects our dedication to sustainability. Feel good about your beauty routine while making a positive impact on the environment.
Versatile for Lashes and Brows: The NOLA Eyelash Brushes are versatile companions for both lash and brow maintenance. From separating lashes to grooming and styling brows, these brushes offer the precision needed to achieve flawless results every time.
Perfect for On-the-Go Touch-Ups: Enhance your client's experience by offering them a NOLA Eyelash Brush to take home. These brushes aren't just for salon use; they are the perfect tool for clients to maintain their flawless results between appointments. Compact and convenient, they fit seamlessly into any beauty routine.
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