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Brow lift solutions - sample pack

Brow lift solutions - sample pack

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Would you like to try out our perming solutions before buying a bundle? Then this sample pack is perfect for you!  A nurturing formula for softer, more elegant brows. Bid farewell to dry, crusty hairs as this innovative solution pampers and revitalizes, leaving your brows irresistibly smooth and beautifully defined. Elevate your brow game with NOLA for a touch of care and constant perfection.
This product includes 2 x 1,5 ml Lifting lotion, 2 x 1,5 ml Fixing lotion and 2 x 1,5 ml Hydrating mask. 


  1. VEGAN

  2. Nourishing Ingredients: Indulge your lashes and brows with a wealth of nourishing ingredients. Our carefully curated formula includes plant-based goodness that not only enhances the appearance but also supports the overall health of your lashes and brows.
  3. Thicker Formula, Fuller Beauty: Experience the difference with our thicker formula that effortlessly coats each lash and brow hair, delivering a voluminous and lush look. Say hello to fuller, more defined beauty without compromising on quality.
  4. 10 x 1.5 ml Convenience: Convenience meets excellence with our sachets of 1.5 ml each. This thoughtful packaging not only ensures that you have the perfect amount for each application but also reduces product waste, making it an eco-friendly choice for your beauty routine.

How to use

For professional use only. Email us your diploma to access the user manual and the safety data sheets.


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